Founder and Managing Director – Alexander Ries

Alexander Ries founded Bamboo Capital in 2007. He has extensive experience in the development and execution of trading systems, having spent the last 8 years successfully utilising and refining the trading models employed by Bamboo Capital for his personal benefit. He started his career at Paribas, in 1993, trading interest rate derivatives covering the US and Australian markets before moving to Singapore where he also traded regional derivatives. In 1999 he moved to Hong Kong to head the Interest Rate Derivatives Trading desk for Asia.

After leaving Paribas in 2000, Alex put his MSc in Applied Maths and his specialisation in Modeling of Economic Decisions to good use: he incorporated a company approved by the Singapore International Monetary Exchange (SIMEX). This company served as a platform to develop, test and trade quantitative models of the global futures and foreign exchange markets. The success of this company led to the creation of Bamboo Capital. After 16 years of trading experience, Alex will lead the management team in Investment and Strategic Development.

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Operations and Compliance  - Sabina Simmonds

Sabina Simmonds has worked in the finance industry since 1992. She completed a Bachelor of Business (Finance) Degree with Credit, from the University of Technology, Sydney, and started her career on the trading floor of the Sydney Futures Exchange. During her time as a futures broker, she became a registered representative of the Sydney Futures Exchange; the New Zealand Futures and Options Exchange; the New York Mercantile Exchange; the Singapore International Monetary Exchange and the Hong Kong Futures Exchange. She has worked in the global futures markets in both Sydney and Singapore. Sabina brings to the team profound product knowledge, with much experience in both front and back office: dealing, trading, accounting and compliance.

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